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Brain Puzzle Challenge Campaign

The Marie-Robert NeuroTrauma Foundation is honoured to announce its alliance with Élianne Parent as a spokesperson of the fundraising campaign Brain Puzzle Challenge which was launched on October 18, 2010. The funds accumulated are intended for research on the cranial trauma in order to improve the quality of life for injured persons and their family.

Visit www.brainpuzzlechallenge.ca to offer virtual brain cells to your close relations!


About the Foundation

Established in 1993, the Marie-Robert Foundation for Head Trauma Research, now known as the Marie-Robert NeuroTrauma Foundation, encourages further development of our knowledge about head trauma. To achieve this goal, the Foundation raises the consciousness of the medical and scientific community, as well as other concerned parties, about the seriousness of injuries caused by such trauma.

Over the last 15 years, the Foundation has helped to raise awareness among the general population and the media, as well as with the legal, sports and business communities, about the tragic reality being faced by an increasing number of people both young and old. We have grown slowly, but surely, and along the way, have gained loyal donors who went on to become partners and associates.

The Foundation focuses its efforts on raising and distributing funds to support medical advancements in the treatment of brain injuries. Specifically, we target the discovery of new treatments for the first 15 days following the accident. In fact, the future of those suffering from head trauma is determined in those first days, regardless of whether they have a simple concussion or are in a deep coma.

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